Appeasement in Bamako

On Friday, April 6, 2012, the military junta which did the the coup d’etat on March 22, 2012 in Mali, made ​​his resignation. A law of amnesty will be voted for them and President of the National Assembly will lead the transition. A national union government will be put in place soon. The government mission is to regain territorial integrity of Mali by negotiation or by force if necessary with the support of ECOWAS and the help of the United States and France. The other main task of this government is to organize transparent elections on the whole country.

The resignation of the junta has been received with relief by Malians who had begun to feel the impact of embargo decreed against Mali by ECOWAS just seven days ago. In fact, lack of fuel was affecting all activities due to difficulties of electricity supplying by thermal power generators. This Saturday, April 7 , ECOWAS just lifted the embargo after the resignation of the military junta. The borders were reopened and financial sanctions of the Central Bank of of West Africa States (BCEAO) are canceled.

For my work, I made the request for an internet “high-speed” connection with the Orange Mali company. This connection will be installed next week and will allow me to upload my movies from Bamako until the situation calms down in Mopti. I also asked Orange Mali to suspend my Mopti internet connection for 1 month.

Regarding my family, I enrolled the kids in a school in Bamako for the remaining term of the school year (2 months). It’s a bit difficult for them because they felt good in Mopti and they want to return there. For now, Mopti is saved from invasion of the rebels but we must wait a bit before the danger moves away (they camped at 150km).Rebels are devoted in looting, kidnapping and rape of women in the occupied cities of the North which are Gao, Timbuktu and Kidal. To date, some 50 cases of rape were reported.

I remain optimistic with the arrival of new civilian government which wants talk to the rebels. It will be possible to discuss with the Tuareg as their ”independence” was rejected by the entire world. But I think the force will be required to drive out the Islamists. I think this is possible with the ECOWAS forces that will soon be deployed in Mali.


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