Download “Hope in a Changing Climate”

Discussing the changes on the Plateau with the local people

Dear Friends:

Many people around the world are using “Hope in a Changing Climate” to educate about the potential for restoration.  Within this thinking is a pathway that leads to sustainability.  If you are an educator or if you just want to watch this film by yourself or with your family and friends you can download a copy of the film here by copying and pasting this link into your browser URL window.


I would ask you to send comments about your use and how the film influences you to Anna Beech at this email address <>

Please let us know what you think of this.

Best regards,

John D. Liu



5 Responses to “Download “Hope in a Changing Climate””

  • Cherie White:

    Hi there

    I am hoping you can help me – I have downloaded a copy of the film to screen at a gala evening on a large outdoor movie screen. Unfortunately the file needs to be of higher resolution to be shown on a large screen.

    Are you able to help me with accessing a higher resolution? The film is to be screened at gala evening on the 1st December and therefore your urgent assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • Sasha:

    I am also looking to show the film on a larger screen and am wondering the same thing as Cherie. If you have any additional information and if this is a possibility please let me know.

    Take care,

  • Dear Sasha: We can provide a link to a DVD Disc Image which is downloadable. This was sent right away to Cherie so she could have her event. My email is Please write directly to me and I’ll arrange to have the link to the DVD DISC IMAGE sent to your email.

    IF you have an interest to broadcast or show in a cinema we can also provide an uncompressed or a HDCAM copy but for this there are costs.

    We’d also like to know what is the reaction and the size of the audience. If you need further assistance please email me and copy Anna Beech at

  • Luis:

    Can one still download “Hope in a Changing Climate”?

  • Marle:

    Dear Luis,
    The link mentioned above to download “Hope in a changing climate” is still functional. If you encounter problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Also have a look at our cinema page for Hope and more of John’s films:

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