Saturday, May 4, 2013 I was reporting in the Mali “Dogon Country”  with Mr Jurriaan Van Stigt, President of the Dogon Education Foundation (Stichting Onderwijs Dogon).

Mr Jurriaan Van Stigt is a Dutch architect heavily involved in the development of the Mopti Region, especially the “Dogon Country”.

His foundation has done very good work in this part of the Mopti Region. Among its many accomplishments we have:

• The construction of 22 schools (built 100% with stabilized mud)

• 97 wells and dams built

• Organization of water management

• Promotion of improved stoves and solar lights

• Tree Planting

• Fighting against malaria

  • Dunes stabilization

• etc..

This first contact with Mr Jurriaan gave me a very good impression. Previously, he contacted me after seeing my films on the “What If We Change” project website. He’ll be back in Holland this week and intends to meet the staff of “What If We Change” to explore possibilities for a future collaboration.


3 Responses to “STICHTING DOGON ONDERWIJS au Mali”

  • Johanna Soliday:

    Thank you for sharing what Stichting Onderwijs Dogon is doing for this area of Mali, Mamadou. It gives me hope for the future of mankind.

  • I was really very glad to meet Mamadou in mali, and I’m sure we gone work together on this and other projects. it is very important that everybody can see how much is possible if we change!

    good luck and talk to you soon

  • jhein:

    Hi Mamadou,
    I like your reports on the website.
    And these blogs you write for us.
    I wish you will continue to film many beautiful stories in the future.
    As your contribution to a better future for this earth, its nature and our children.
    Dearest greetings from the Netherlands

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